Airing the Dirty Laundry on Social Networking Sites

As previously discussed on this blog (Social Networking and Divorce in Charlotte, North Carolina), social networking sites are redefining domestic litigation for many married or divorcing users.

However, the rapid rise in popularity of social networking sites is also taking a toll on marital relations in general, by lessening society’s respect for these relationships. According to a recent New York Times article, marriage experts report that couples who post their disagreements to these open forums encourage disrespect for their marriages.

Putting on a “public face of harmony” is critical in order to protect the sanctity and privacy of a marriage. Spouses who use Facebook, in particular, to vent their frustrations with their significant others run the risk of alienating their friends and family who are frustrated and concerned with the stability of the relationship.

This loss of external support does not translate well for the future of long-term relationships. Although updating a status can be tempting in the midst of a marital disagreement, both spouses should be cautious regarding the medium they use to vent their frustrations in order to preserve privacy and avoid extraneous marital discord.

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