Alimony and Child Support Payments in the Public Eye

Although their divorce is finalized, the aftermath of the divorce proceedings still continues in the North Carolina Court of Appeals for NASCAR Chair Brian France and his ex-wife, Megan. Brian’s lawyers are making an unusual request – that the proceedings should be closed to the public and the couple’s divorce agreement should be kept sealed.

Court documents filed before the hearing reveal that the divorce agreement gives Megan France at least $40,000 per month in child care reimbursement expenses (including “governess payments”) and alimony, as well as a $9 million distributive award. Also according to these documents, Brian France has recently refused to make some of the required payments. Megan France also accuses her ex-husband of harassing her by hiring private investigators to follow her, and violating their agreement concerning the care of their children.

Brian and Megan France have been married and divorced two separate times in the past ten years. The agreement that is currently under seal was signed after their second divorce in 2008 and stipulates what money is owed to Megan, as well as custody terms for their young children. The agreement also stipulates that the children should be raised in Mecklenburg County. The Charlotte Observer has sued for the document seal to be removed, under the argument that Brian France has no compelling interest that would supersede the public’s right to open courts. Brian France’s lawyers argue that the agreement should be kept confidential because it relates to private financial matters and the couple’s young children. Sealing the case could set a new precedent to be applied in any case involving information that one party does not want revealed to the public.

Brian France is the head of a large enterprise composed of motorsports teams based in the Charlotte region, as well as the NASCAR Hall of Fame uptown.

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