Charlotte, North Carolina Makes Top 10 in Divorce Rates

According to a recent report in Men’s Health magazine, couples living in Charlotte are among the most likely to be doomed to divorce (#6 Nationally). The report, which ranked the top 100 U.S. cities with the highest rates of divorce, considered multiple factors, including: the rate of failed marriages, the stringency of state divorce laws, the percentage of the population who had divorced, and the number of licensed marriage and family therapists in the cities.
Divorce rates were highest in Cheyenne (Wyoming), Las Vegas, Nevada, and Billings (Montana), followed closely by Reno, Little Rock, Charlotte, and Tulsa. Divorces were least likely to occur in two southern cities: Columbia, South Carolina and El Paso, Texas. However, Riverside, California and Providence, Rhode Island, did not fall far behind in the rankings of the top cities of marital bliss.

According to statistics from 2007, which was the last year for which divorce ratios were calculated, the states of Nevada, Arkansas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, and Wyoming have the highest overall divorce rates in the country.

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