Divorce and Confidentiality Fight Rages in Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Observer 2.jpg As discussed before on Charlotte Divorce Lawyer Blog (Alimony and Child Support Payments in the Public Eye and Charlotte, North Carolina Family Law Lawyers and Court Address Confidentiality Provisions), there has been a continuing battle over whether the proceedings related to the Brian France domestic case will be kept confidential. According to a Charlotte Observer article (Secrecy in Frances’ bitter divorce is back in court) the case was back in Court this week. The lawyers for the Charlotte Observer were again asking a Mecklenburg County District Court Judge to unseal certain documents in the case.

This time around, the crux of the argument seemed to be that the parties have made certain “confidential” information public through recent court filings and media disclosures. The Charlotte Observer took the position that these disclosures, combined with the public’s interest in court proceedings cut in favor of unsealing the documents.

Ultimately the Judge took the matter under advisement and will rule sometime in the future.

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