Divorce Issues Emerge in Home Designing

Is it easier to remodel houses than people? Interior and architectural designers are finding that they have greater psychological issues to deal with than do most client-based professionals simply because they transform homes into personal living spaces for couples. Designers find that couples can disagree over the simplest things, such as fabrics or wallpaper, and will end up battling over matters that were previously unforeseeable to both of them.

An architectural designer in Texas, who has long given a type of personality test to his clients in an effort to unearth and avoid deep-seated issues, will soon be rolling out a software version of this tool. This product, called Truehome, consists of a plethora of paperwork containing questions that are intended to exposed multiple domestic preferences of which a couple may not even be aware. The program is designed to expose blind spots from the start by filtering out exactly what each individual wants the designer to accomplish. Most importantly, the program can decipher how each individual feels about spending money on their home, as well as exposing other budgeting issues associated with remodeling or designing a home.

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