Divorce Lawyers in Charlotte, NC :: Some important “Do Not’s” for Those Going Through Divorce in North Carolina

Child Custody Lawyers in Charlotte, NC.jpgRecently the Huffington Post published a list of tips for men going through a divorce. However, a quick look reveals that the tips are applicable to any parent embroiled in the difficult process. In addition to the tips listed below, it is recommended that you consult with experienced family law attorneys in Charlotte, NC to help you through the process.

1. Do Not Move
Moving out and supporting two households is an expensive undertaking for even the most financially sound, especially given the current economy. While you may not get along with your spouse, unless a court says otherwise, it is financially advantageous to stay put. Obviously there are exceptions to this tip, such as domestic violence or a court order.

2. Do Not Hide Money
While divorces may be expensive, hiding your money is a bad idea. If the court discovers that you’ve been squirreling your money away, then you lose credibility and the court will be more likely to side against you in the future. In the end, hiding assets will cost you far more than it is worth.

3. Do Not Lose Your Cool
A divorce is not counseling, the decision to end the marriage has already been made, and a screaming match benefits no one. Even if one side is provoking the other, it is always best to keep a cool head. Keeping things friendly can help prevent a long drawn out divorce and will allow a much better environment for the children involved.

4. Do Not Post Dumb Things Online
Social media can be a disaster if misused and it happens all too often in divorces. Incriminating photos, statuses, etc. can cost you big. No message is ever worth losing custody of your kids. If you’re unsure whether to post something, remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry and don’t post it at all.

5. Do Not Flaunt Your Girlfriend
New relationships are normal after a divorce, but the key word is “after.” New relationships can complicate spousal support and child custody immensely. Hopping into relationships immediately after splitting can make custody decisions especially hard. Keep things simple and handle one important event at a time.

If you find yourself facing the prospect of divorce in Charlotte, it is best to contact experienced divorce lawyers in Charlotte, North Carolina who can help guide you through the often difficult process.

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