How Birth Order Affects Your Love Life

According to an article by Yahoo and, your birth order can have a significant impact on your love life. If you are the oldest child, you are a take-charge type of person and this trait carries over to your love life. Oldest kids are the planners and they are going to do the big sha-bang on anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Their biggest love challenge is being more spontaneous. They aren’t the “seize the day” types and they hate surprises. Their best match is with a youngest child.

Rather than being insecure messes (a commonly held belief), middle kids are actually stable and loyal partners. Growing up feeling like they get less attention drives them to work for every perk. They tend to be good compromisers and negotiators. They are good at giving their partner plenty of input on decisions and their days should be free of petty squables.

Middle children often have trouble opening up and they can often be very secretive. They also do not communicate well when they are upset. They need to learn to speak up instead of holding their anger in. Their best matches are also with the youngest children because they aren’t as threatened by them as they are by first-borns.

Youngest children are all about fun. They tend to be the most outgoing in the birth order spectrum. The youngest kids tend to live to have a good time (maybe because the parents are laid back by the time they get to the last child). Most famous comedians are youngest children. The youngest kids tend to be the least financially dependable and they tend to use their charm to get what they want. Their best matches tend to be the oldest children
Only children tend to be rock solid citizens and very sweet. They are like the oldest kid, but to the extreme. They tend to be punctual and true to their word. They tend to be articulate and very engaging in coversation. They tend to be perfectionists and they are so cautious and pragmatic that they can be very slow to act. Their best matches are with the youngest child because they can balance each other out. The baby can add spontaneity and romance to the relationship.

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