Men Cheat Because You are Spending Almost No Time Together (Reason #3)

According to this article on by, another reason men cheat is because you are spending almost no time together as a couple. A common example of this sort of situation is where the significant other travels for a living. If the person is physically absent from the daily life of their significant other, then it can be difficult for the couple to remain emotionally engaged with one another.

It seems that the guy may be seeking daily companionship from a person who is actually there every day.

Another example of this phenomenon may be where the guy, or his significant other, works so much that they are effectively out of the picture on a daily basis. The impact seems to end up being the same: that the couple is not spending quality time together as a couple.

What is the natural way to try to avoid this problem? Spend time together as a couple. Do things together that you like to do. Make time for one another. This isn’t really new or innovative relationship advice. Just spend time together as a couple.

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