Substance Abuse and Family Law (3 of 4)

11. Can I Try the Diet You’re On?

Many drugs like crystal meth, cocain and other “uppers” stimulate energy so much that the user feels no urge to eat. Many have no appetite whatsoever. Obviously, these people are prone to rapid weight loss. Often this sign of abuse is missed because it is sometimes seen as nothing to worry about. Weight loss is typically seen as a good thing and it is often overlooked as a symptom of drug abuse.

12. Squeaky Clean
Overuse of certain hygene products can be a signal that the person is trying to hide something. Overuse of gum or breath mints might show that someone is trying to mask the smell of alcohol. Ditto for excessive use of mouthwash or hand sanitizer gel. Dryer sheets can be used to disguise the smell of smoke. A bottle of eyedrops can be a sure fire sign that someone is trying to hide reddened eyes.

13. The Bathroom Game
The bathroom is the most obvious place to find prescription drugs. Sometimes people who abuse prescription drugs are so desperate that they cannot resist the temptation to scrounge them in other people’s houses. They often do this under the pretense of visiting thh bathroom. Sometimes the person takes too long in the bathroom or finds a reason to visit each of the bathrooms in a newly visited house.

14. Mood Management
It is often said that living with a person who is an alcoholic or addict is like being on a roller coaster ride. Unstable and unpredictable emotions and actions are a telltale sign of addiction. Often the mood swings will go from numb and calm to extremely aggressive within minutes, often with no explanation. Most people have known someone who smokes too much pot. They are often in “slow down mode” with no ambition or energy.

15. Sleeping Sickness
Alcohol and many common drugs are sedatives and they often induce sleepiness. If you notice that someone falls asleep at inappropriate times or has a hard time waking up, this may be a sign. Excessive sleepiness can also signal a crash after a drug binge. After cocain or meth binges, users become listless and have little energy. They will often sleep for days. If the person wakes up with a ravenous appetite, that may be another sign.

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