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In our continuing saga of posts based on the Yahoo piece by Ronnie Tyler about seven important reasons to end a bad relationship, we have now reached the fourth piece of advice. The first reason Tyler offered up to consider getting out of a bad marriage is because you deserve better. The second is that your children deserve better. Three was because your spouse won’t change (at least not in the time that you want them to). Now for number four: because someone has to take the first step.

Number 4 Charlotte Family Law Divorce Attorney Lawyer.jpgThe conventional wisdom when it comes to relationship advice is that it takes two to tango. People always say that it takes both partners working together to make a relationship work. Marriage counselors say no one spouse can shoulder all the burden of making a marriage healthy and loving. While Tyler agrees that this is usually the case, it is mainly valuable advice for those trying to make a relationship work, not those facing problems.

In the case of couples facing an impasse, the actions of one spouse may be just the trick to get a couple out of a rut and a relationship either back on track or headed for divorce. After all, there is no guarantee that both parties will be on the same page at the same time or that the problems that are bothering one spouse will also be a concern to the other. Rather than sit around and wait for your partner to be bothered by the same thing, it can be a good thing to take action on your own and give your spouse a chance to catch up.

The fact is that if you are ready for a change, then there is no reason to wait for joint action before moving forward. After all, your spouse might never decide to get on board, in which case, you will have succeeded only in wasting valuable years of your life in an unhappy relationship.

Another reason why taking the first step is so important is that even in cases where both parties know there is a problem, both may be afraid to say it out loud. Though you both might be unhappy, there could still be love there and no one wants to risk hurting their spouse by discussing the marriage trouble. Deciding to be the one to take the first step and raise the problem might be just what your partner wanted to say but was too afraid to do. A big change could be what both of you want, but someone has to be willing to take the plunge and say so.

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“Relationship Wreck: 7 Reasons to Get Out of a Bad Marriage NOW,” by Ronnie Tyler, published at

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