Are you Married to a Secret Spender?

In a recent article by Yahoo! and CNN Money entitled “I Married a Secret Spender,” the author explores behavior of spouses or significant others who hide their spending. In some of the cases, the behavior of the “secret spender” is similar to the behavior of secret drinkers. The article explores several case studies.

In the first, the wife tells of her husband who is a secret spender. He buys new clothes and tells his wife that he had them previously. Later, though, the wife find tags for the new clothes in the garbage. This wife says that it is usually clothes but that her husband has brought home jet skis, a motorcycle and even an old Chevy Blazer. She says that they have a garage and a storage unit full of things that the husband has bought. She is concerned because she has young children who she feels might be deterimentally impacted by her husband’s spending habits.

This sort of problem can even (shockingly) impact professional athletes. The story mentions Speedy Claxton who plays in the NBA. Speedy says that he usually hears of the shopping sprees from his daughter who tells on mommy. But, she justifies it because she knows that Speedy is a local celebrity and she wants to look good when they go out.

Check out the story to read about other case studies. One describes a person who was shocked to discovery $80,000 in credit card debt. Another describes a wife who sent packages to her mother’s house to hide them and the last describes a woman who broke off an engagement at the 11th hour because her husband-to-be would not show her his credit report.

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