Divorce Caused by Financial Infidelity?

Money 2.jpg We know that infidelity can lead to divorce, but what about financial infidelity? We recently discussed this issue on Charlotte Divorce Lawyer Blog in our article entitled “Are you Married to a Secret Spender?” We will look at this issue a bit more by discussing another article from Yahoo! and CNN Money entitled “Financial Infidelity: Catching a Cheating Spouse.”

This article takes a look at a recent survey about financial infidelity which was conducted by the National Endowment for Financial Education, or NEFE, a Denver, Colo.-based nonprofit. In some instances the results of this survey were very troubling.

More than fifty percent of those who responded to the survey said that they had hidden cash or a minor purchase from their spouse. About thirty four percent had blatantly lied to their spouse about income or debt. Sixteen percent said that their financial infidelity eventually led to their divorce.

Obviously, when two people are going to be married they need to discuss all sorts of things. They need to discuss their goals for children and work. They will make all sorts of plans. One of the topics that really needs to be discussed is money. They need to discuss their current financial situations, their spending habits, their financial goals and other money related topics.

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