Can Infidelity Help Avoid Divorce?

infidelity.jpgThis is, admittedly, a radical notion. Particularly in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas. For goodness sake, North Carolina still recognizes Alienation of Affection and Criminal Conversation lawsuits. But, a recent article in the New York Times thoroughly explores whether infidelity might actually be good for some relationships. In this article, the author thoroughly explores the ins-and-outs of this theory. Before the reader allows her blood pressure to boil, she should read the article. The author seems to have a realistic and honest approach to the issue. One of the more important points which the author makes is that infidelity in a marriage is not for everyone.

The author makes the point that monogamy is actually much more difficult than we tend to acknowledge. The author advances a view that couples should be honest with each other both on the front end and during the relationship. The author also makes an interesting observation about the impact of women’s liberation on monogamy in marriage noting that men, in many instances, were discretely non-monogamous without ill effects. This part of the article is particularly worth the read. It is a very thorough and well written piece that is worth the read. It shoudl be noted, however, that this author is not necessarily adopting or advocating this position. Rather, it is an interesting read that we thought would be worth noting in Charlotte Divorce Lawyer Blog.

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