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Child Support Lawyer Charlotte North Carolina.jpgAccording to the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement, $108 billion in back payments for child support was owed to custodial parents in 2009. The problem is huge nationally and incredibly important in terms of each individual family. If child support payments are not paid, it can result in seriously dire financial straits for the custodial parent, the vast majority of whom (82%) are mothers.

Another downside is that the unpaid bills end up getting picked up by the taxpayers. CNNMoney reports that taxpayers pay nearly half of that total because the children are forced to go on public assistance. Unfortunately, 41% of households headed by single women are below the poverty line, and without the child support payments the family can fall into terribly dire straits.

The Office of Child Support Enforcement’s statistics also reveal that the problem is not as widespread as many people may think. Instead, numbers show that 11% of the debtors owe 54% of the money. The problem is that so few people are causing society, and their families, a lot of pain. The money is crucial in poor families especially where those funds can be used to provide necessary things for children including eye and dental care, clothing and even food.

The existing problem is sadly exacerbated by high child support orders and judges that are too inflexible to allow modifications when economic circumstances have changed. If a father is also in dire financial straits and has lost his job, continuing to allow the child support to mount helps no one. This is why divorces that have been handled out of court in a cooperative way can be so beneficial. They allow the parties to work together to come up with an arrangement that works for everyone.

If you find yourself facing the prospect of divorce in Charlotte, it is best to contact experienced child support lawyers who practice in Charlotte, North Carolina like those at Arnold & Smith, PLLC who can help guide you through the sometimes-confusing process.

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