“Deadbeat Moms” in Charlotte, North Carolina? What can lawyers do?

As we have discussed here before (In the Battle of the Fit Parents, Breadwinning Moms are Losing Child Custody), more working mothers are losing custody of their children. With these bad economic times, it is reasonable to anticipate that more and more people, moms and dads alike, are falling behind in their child support payments.

The term “Deadbeat Dad” has been in common circulation for years, what about “Deadbeat Mom?”
While the label “Deadbeat” might be fun to throw around about the other parent, especially when a parent is in dire need of the past due child support and is angry, it is my view that most people want to do the right thing and want to take care of their children financially.

It seems that often parents have something bad happen, usually the loss of a job, and they do not take appropriate action to modify their child support obligation. Because of the job loss, it can be easy to get behind on child support. Unfortunately, if the child support obligation is not reduced, it continues to accrue at the usual amount. The more time passes, the more the past due child support piles up.

Check out what Morgan Fogarty on Fox News Charlotte had to say on this topic:

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