Divorce Financial Tips (1 of 5)

Wallet.jpgAs discussed previously in Divorce Financial Tips on Charlotte Divorce Lawyer Blog, there are strategies which can help to avoid the financial disaster which is so common in divorce cases.

The first such strategy which is discussed in the article on Yahoo.com is to make a realistic budget and figure out how your standard of living is going to change as a result of the separation and divorce. While it seems to be common sense that two people cannot live separately as economically as they can live together, North Carolina law says that both spouses have the right to continue to live at the same standard of living to which they became accustomed during the marriage. You may wonder: “how does that work?”

The reality is that, in most cases, it simply doesn’t. These days, many couples cannot afford to live together at the standard of living which they enjoyed during the marriage – so it is pretty much impossible for them to maintain that standard of living after separation. So, one way to handle this is to accept the fact that there will be financial changes in your life, plan accordingly, and hope to avoid further financial problems.

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