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Divorce Lawyers and Attorneys in Charlotte Mecklenburg County NC North Carolina.jpgOne of the problems for those going through a divorce, especially in todays technologically connected world, is what information an ex might be able to obtain by snooping on your electronic communications.

A recent survey by a phone security company revealed that a third of all respondents said they have snuck glances at or spied on a loved one’s text messages or other phone communications. The question for many, especially those going through a tumultuous divorce, is whether you can find out if anyone is snooping on you.

First things first, if you think someone might be spying on you change all your important passwords: e-mail accounts, bank accounts, credit cards and retirement plans. You can also contact your cellphone carrier and make sure that your GPS tracking service is turned off and can only be activated by yourself.

Those worried about snooping should also keep a low electronic profile, especially on social media sites. If you simply can’t resist the urge to post things online, it’s essential that you at least change your account settings so that only friends that you’ve selected are able to access your page.

For those with Android phones, there’s an app known as HiddenEye which you can install on your phone. The app works by taking a picture of anyone that attempts to gain access to your phone by typing in a wrong password. That way the next time you open up your phone a picture will be stored in the phone’s photo gallery. Other apps work by allowing you to remotely lock or even wipe clean your phone if you believe its been stolen.

For those with iPhones there aren’t as good apps for watching others who may be watching you. The best option is called WhoSnooped, which works by taking a photo of anyone who unlocks a phone. The problem is that the photo is taken very conspicuously and can even be deleted by the person who did the snooping.

Another app with a very different function called iTrust, which works by recording video of the icons that a person touches once they have opened your phone. The app isn’t perfect and it must be left open and running by the person looking for snoopers.

If you find yourself facing a stressful family matter then you need the help of experienced child custody lawyers in Charlotte, North Carolina who can help guide you through the often confusing process.

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