International Adoption in the Wake of the Tragedy in Haiti

In the aftermath of the tragic earthquake that ravaged the nation of Haiti this month, many Americans are seeking information on how they can aid in the international adoption of many newly orphaned Haitian children. For more information on the adoption process in the wake of Haitian relief efforts, visit the US Department of State’s website.

Several hundred Haitian orphans have already been brought into the Unites States in conjunction with current relief efforts. At present, new adoption applications for Haitian orphans are not being processed. Because the Haitian government must identify and register children who were orphaned by the earthquake, more time is needed to make these determinations and subsequent identifications. Inter-country adoption cannot take place during the current emergency phase, as the Haitian government has legitimate concerns with protecting their children from illegal adoptions, abduction, and child-trafficking.

Several hundred US families who were already advancing in the adoption process before the earthquake are being allowed to complete their adoptions. Prior to the earthquake, the adoption process for Haitian children took over two years, but now it is unclear how long future adoptions will take.

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