Men Cheat Because of Emotional and/or Lifestyle Incompatibility (Reason #5)

Accorcding to and, the fifth reason that men cheat is because of emotional and/or lifestyle incompatibility. The example cited by the article involves a couple who met in a Weight Watchers meeting. The guy took the program very seriously and lost weight very quickly whereas the woman did not strictly follow the program and she didn’t lose weight. After the guy lost the weight, he was newly confident and had women approaching him who had never spoken to him before.

On the other hand, the woman was depressed about being heavy and was jealous of the new attention to the guy. The guy met a new woman at the gym one weekend while his girlfriend was out of town and spent time with her. They ended up breaking up just a few weeks later. The moral of the story seems to be that it is important for a man and woman to have similar goals and values in life.

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