Men Cheat Because There Is Too Much Drama in the Relationship (Reason #6)

According to and, the sixth reason why men cheat is because there is too much drama in the current relationship. The example cited involves a guy who used to fight all the time with his ex. He and his ex formerly lived together. There was constant tension in the relationship and it made him miserable. He met a woman who was just the opposite of his ex. She was easygoing, friendly and fun.

One night they were working late together and ended up going out for dinner together after work. Things progressed and it ended up being more than platonic. He didn’t go home that night and his ex went crazy. This time was different though, because it didn’t bother him. He was honest with her (a novel approach), told her exactly what happened and let her know that he would be moving out later that week. So far, things have worked out with the new girl.

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