North Carolina Child Support Guidelines Changes – Pre-Existing Child Support Obligations and Responsibility for Other Children

In determining the amount of child support for other children, which amount will be deducted from the gross income for that obligor, only the amount being paid for ongoing child support will be deducted. Portions of payments which are being paid for arrears will not be deducted from that obligors gross income for the new calculation.

The committee recognizes that multiple family and multiple child situations can create complex calculation problems. The revised guidelines bold the previously language which indicates that such situations may be appropriate for a deviation from the guidelines. A clause was also added which indicates that is the best practice to, if possible, hear multiple cases involving the same party(ies) during the same court setting.

When determining the proper amount of support to deduct from a parent’s gross income for children living with that parent, the guidelines now provide for a single method for determining that figure: the child support obligation should be calculated using only that parent’s income (rather than calculating using the other parent’s income as well).

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