Social Networking and Divorce in Charlotte, North Carolina

The recent rise in popularity of social networking websites has redefined the definition of privacy for many users. Unfortunately, as recently reported by Time Magazine in two different articles (Facebook and Divorce: Airing the Dirty Laundry and Five Facebook No-Nos for Divorcing Couples), social networking sites are also contributing to a rise in difficult and costly divorce litigation.

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter, which were originally intended to facilitate networking connections, are quickly becoming forums for publicly airing personal business. Divorcing couples who are in the midst of litigation should be exceedingly cautious regarding the type of information they post to their personal networking pages.

As discussed on (Web Search Serve as Litigation Tool), in any lawsuit, the collection of information on an opposing party is highly important. Photographs, in particular, can have very serious consequences in divorce and child custody litigation. Attorneys on both sides of the litigation can use electronic discovery to yield helpful photographic evidence that may be admitted to reflect on the credibility or lifestyle of a party or witness.

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