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Yahoo recently featured an article discussing a list of seven reasons why couple should go ahead and get out of a bad marriage now. The article is thought provoking and raises a lot of important questions that couples in the midst of a bad relationship should grapple with when deciding what to do about their marriage.

Though some commenters were irritated that the article was flippant or possibly insensitive, that was not the intention. Instead, the author, Ronnie Tyler, said that the piece was designed to challenge unhappy couples, highlighting serious issues that people should consider when deciding what to do about their relationship. The author of the piece said that the idea for the article came out a concern that her friends and family not stay in miserable relationships out of fear of trying something new. Everyone deserves to not only survive, but thrive, and being saddled with an unhappy relationship is one way to endure long-term suffering. Number 1 Charlotte North Carolina Family Law Divorce Attorney Lawyer.jpg

The author also explained that when she lists the seven reasons to get out of a bad relationship, that she does not necessarily mean divorce. Though for some divorce might be the best option, for others “getting out” is just an instruction to make serious life changes that alter the trajectory of your relationship. This could be the kind of shake up that you have been considering for years, but never had the courage to insist on.

We will explore these seven issues over the next several posts, examining each topic separately. Without further ado, the first reason Tyler lists is “Because you deserve better.”

The first reason given by Tyler is that everyone deserves to be happy. Though many people might intellectually agree with that statement, they often are hesitant to take practical steps to ensure that it happens. Being happy is much easier in theory than it is in practice and it can sometimes require taking painful action to move out of a bad situation and into a better place.

Though most people would quickly assure a close friend or family member that they deserve better and that they deserve true happiness, it is often harder to dispense that kind of advice to ourselves. It’s too easy to constantly make concessions in a marriage and wake up years later unhappy and unfulfilled. At that point many people feel trapped and hopeless but are scared to take the step of either seriously shaking up their relationship or finally ending things.

It is important if you feel like you are in this place to really ask yourself whether you’re happy. When was the last time you were happy with your spouse and do you think you’ll be able to get back to that place through work or therapy? If so, it’s certainly worth the effort. If not, there’s no reason to continue to delay in the inevitable.

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