Tips for a Better Divorce in Charlotte, North Carolina

scissors cutting up I love you note.jpgAccording to recent article in Psychology Today, while divorce may be ugly for some it does not have to be that way. For many reasons splitting up happens because two people simply weren’t meant to be married. If you’re trying to find ways to be good to your ex during your divorce follow some of these steps to help keep the peace:

1. Don’t try to be friends too soon.

You’ll both need time to heal and recalibrate following a divorce and making sure that you both have a safe distance from one another will allow you to do that on your own schedule. If your relationship is going to have any chance at becoming something new and healthy that allows you to be friends and strong parenting partners, you have to let it all go first. It may feel lousy and lonely for a while but it’s the best way to move forward.

2. Write everything down
Do not assume either of you will remember or abide by the agreement no matter how friendly things are initially. Get everything down in writing so nobody is tempted to ‘forget.’ When it comes to issues of money and parenting, the more details the better. The more that’s clear the less room there will be for fights later on.

3. Outline clear and effective consequences
Agree on what happens if one person does not follow the agreement or somehow does not follow through with their promises. Like with parenting, you need to know what happens to those who break the rules.

4. Resist old patterns
Part of the relief of divorce is you are no longer responsible for your partner’s multitude of issues. The same goes for them. You both are released from one another so be released. Resist the temptation to give or seek old patterns of support.

5. Get together as a family
Once everything settles down and if you’re able to, make time to gather as a family. Go out for dinner. Show the kids you still care about each other. They may want you back together and showing them early on that they still have two parents who love them and value each other will be important. Sending the message that you are still a family no matter what can bring a lot of comfort during an otherwise trying time.

If you find yourself facing the prospect of divorce, it is best to contact an experienced family law attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina who can help guide you through the confusing process.

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