Top Ways to Lower Your Attorney’s Fees

Child Support Lawyer in Charlotte, NC.jpgThe following five things are some ways that you can try to keep your attorney’s fees low while going through the expensive process of divorce (from

1. Think before you call
While your family law attorney is there to guide you through the process of a divorce and understands that you are going to have questions about the process, it’s important to understand that every communication with your attorney will result in being billed. Thus, it’s a good idea to save your small questions for a weekly status email with your attorney. This does not mean you should avoid communicating important information to your attorney, just think twice before you send off a quick email or make an unnecessary call asking for information that could be found elsewhere or saved for another time.

2. Be active in your own case
Family law cases require the production of lots of document. This can include financial documents, photographs, timelines of events, etc. It’s wise to help out your attorney where possible so he or she does not have to spend time (and money) trying to extract information from you. Provide whatever documents you think may be useful to your case and be quick to get back to them if they have questions.

3. Therapists are cheaper than attorneys
Going through a divorce can be an emotional rollercoaster ride and your attorney certainly understands the pain you are going through. That being said, attorneys are best used as advisors, not as sounding boards for your emotional issues. Good attorneys will be supportive and lend an understanding ear, but you should realize that their time equates to your money. It’s much better to turn to your friends or family to vent about your ex than be billed by your attorney.

4. Respond to requests quickly
There are multiple aspects of your family law case that are time sensitive. If your attorney sends you a document and tells you it needs to be notarized or that discovery requests need to be filled out and that a deadline is important, it’s critical to respond quickly. Your delay can mean that the attorney has to make several attempts to contact you or spend time getting extensions, all of which will end up being billed to you.

5. Make friends with support staff
While you should check in with your attorney directly about important issues relevant to your case, paralegals and others working on your case often know a great deal and bill at a much lower rate.

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