Men Marrying (and Divorcing) Wealthier Women?

As reported by according to a recent study released by the Pew Research Center, the traditional financial roles in American homes are changing. This study of married households suggests that 22% of men were making less money than their wives in 2007.

Comparatively, only 4% of men made less money than their wives in 1970. The report largely attributes this dramatic shift in marital income to a similar shift in education patterns. More women than ever before are pursuing an education in order to work outside the home.

A recent New York Times’ article discussed this new role reversal and its effect on modern marriages and the selection of marriage partners.

The article indicates that men are now more likely than ever to marry women with more education and income, with the opposite being true for women. As a result, marriage rates have been sharply declining across the board since 1970, with the sharpest decline for those potential partners who are the least educated.

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