Charlotte Divorce Cases are Affected by Changing Gender Roles

As previously discussed here (In the Battle of the Fit Parents, Breadwinning Moms are Losing Child Custody , “Deadbeat Moms” in Charlotte, North Carolina? What can lawyers do? and Men Marrying (and Divorcing) Wealthier Women?), American households are experiencing a gender role reversal with regard to levels of marital income.

This so called “rise of wives” has sparked a debate regarding whether financially successful women are a threat to traditional marriage roles. However, as recently reported by The New York Times, evidence shows that the shift within marriages has had a positive effect on marital stability and has contributed to lower divorce rates.

Statistics indicate that the more financial independence and education a woman attains, the more likely she is to stay married, as the end result is a marriage that is more balanced and equitable to both spouses.

As the traditional male breadwinner role becomes less traditional, other employment and household responsibilities and expectations are also beginning to shift. Many couples are finding that they must switch up their daily routines in order to accommodate women’s working schedules.

Men are taking on more of the daily household responsibilities, as well as taking a more active role in making decisions regarding the children. Moreover, this change in household roles is apparently having a positive effect on marriages: studies indicate that American couples who share employment and household responsibilities are less likely to divorce.

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