Separation and Divorce Impacted by Long Commute

commute.jpg According to an article on entitled Study: Long Commute Could Lead To Divorce, Separation, a new study out of Sweden suggests that long commutes increase chances of a divorce by 40 percent. This study found that the impact of a long commute tends to be higher on women than on men and that the riskiest time for a divorce is during the first few years of the long commute.

Obviously, there is no one factor which is a perfect predictor of divorce. Other factors can include things like just the opposite: transitioning to working from home after the couple is used to working outside of the house.

One explanation for this trend, however, might be that the non-commuting spouse ends up bearing a greater responsibility for household chores and children than the commuting spouse by virtue of being home more. Another explanation could be that resentment might grow as a result of the commuting spouse bearing a greater personal burden associated with work.

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