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The following is a continuation of the last post we did concerning a list of signs that your spouse is secretly unhappy, a list that appeared in an article by Amy Shearn over at Obsessive shopping, deathly silence over the dinner table and a abnormally close work friend are three of the indictors we discussed previously. Let’s dive into a few more.

Warning Sign Charlotte North Carolina Family Law Divorce Child Custody Support Attorney Lawyer.jpgAs we mentioned, when you run out of things to say that might be a sign of unhappiness. It is also true that no longer having an interest in listening can also indicate serious relationship dissatisfaction. When someone tries to cut discussions or arguments short by simply saying, “We’ve already been over this” it might be a sign that the person has checked out of your relationship and no longer wants to put in the effort to fix things. Rather than hear out your concerns and try and solve problems, people who are at this stage are simply over fighting and may be looking for an exit. Healthy relationships involve discussion and occasionally even disagreements; if your partner is no longer willing to put in that work it might be a sign of serious trouble.

Another indicator of unhappiness according to Shearn is when a spouse appears to be purposely irritating, nagging or pestering or other obnoxious habits that come out of nowhere may be a sign that your partner feels unappreciated and simply wants some attention. In this case the good news is that your partner has not yet given up and walked away, but if he or she continues to feel ignored it’s only a matter of time. Though they may be on your last nerve, take the cry for attention seriously and try to be a bit more nurturing; a little bit of acknowledgement can go a long way.

The final sign listed by Amy Shearn that your spouse may be unhappy is if he or she only wants to do exciting or interesting things when you are not around. If you start hearing stories about how your boring significant other engages in adventurous behavior or tries wild new foods when out with friends or colleagues, but never attempts to do anything out of the ordinary with you, there might be some underlying issues in the relationship. While it is good to be comfortable with your spouse, it is important that this familiarity not turn into stifling boredom. In healthy relationships, both parties should feel comfortable asking their partner to take a plunge and try something crazy. If that comfort is no longer there, than you have to take action to spice things and bring back the fun, relationships won’t last long without it.

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“6 Signs Your Partner is Secretly Unhappy,” by Amy Shearn, published at

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