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As a continuation of our first post explaining some of the most common myths surrounding the divorce process, we’ll dive into another batch of divorce misconceptions provided by Yahoo!.

Family and Divorce Lawyers Attorneys Law Firms in Charlotte Concord Cabarrus County NC N.C. North Carolina.jpgAnother common marriage misunderstanding is that those who live together before getting hitched have a lower risk of divorcing. This myth makes some sense given that you’d think those couples who lived together before marriage would be better able to survive the rigors of marriage. Unfortunately for those shacking up that just isn’t the case. Instead, the reasons for living together often determine whether it will provide a benefit later in a marriage. If a couple chooses to get together after lots of thought and careful consideration, it can sometimes result in lower risk of divorce. If, on the other hand, a couple lives together out of economic necessity, because one person lost a job or can’t afford rent, the experience actually increases the risk of divorce.

Those preparing for divorce, especially husbands with a few extra dollars in their bank account, might want to pay special attention to this next one. Thankfully, not all wives walk away with alimony. There’s a popular belief that almost all divorce cases end with one party walking away with spousal support payments, but the fact is that today that is much less likely. It’s common to have cases where women earn the same or even more than their husbands and even in cases where they don’t work, if the woman has a skill set or education that allows her to find work, many judges will demand that she do so. This is especially true in short marriages, as the less time a couple has been together the less likely any alimony will be awarded.

A myth that many fathers will be happy to hear debunked is that the mother almost always gets full custody of the children. Though it’s certainly true that there are plenty of mother’s out there with custody of their children, there is no legal entitlement that women get the kids. In fact, under the law both parents are entitled to time with the children. In North Carolina, custody decisions are based on the best interests of the children, not on any outdated idea of parental roles. In cases where the parents are equally able to raise the kids, split custody often results. Concerned fathers can breathe a little easier knowing the deck isn’t always stacked against them.

If you find yourself facing a complicated family matter then you need the help of experienced child custody lawyers in Charlotte, North Carolina who can help guide you through the often confusing process.

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