How can I Reduce My Child Support Payments in North Carolina?

Board Certified Family Law Specialist Matt Arnold answers the question: “What children’s expenses are covered by child support?”


In most cases, a child support obligation accounts for a large percentage of the supporting parent’s income. However, when circumstances change over time, the supporting parent may be able to petition the court to reduce their child support payments. Involuntary loss of employment or decrease in income may qualify as a “substantial change in circumstances” to lower a child support obligation in North Carolina.

resume-2-Charlotte-Monroe-Lake-Norman-Child-Support-Attorney-300x225The North Carolina General Statute § 50-13.7 provides that an existing child support order may be modified when the petitioner is able to prove a substantial change in circumstances. The petitioner must comply with many other procedural requirements, which is why it is advised to be represented by a child support attorney when requesting a modification.


What Counts as Substantial Change in Circumstances?

You may be able to lower your child support payments in North Carolina if you can demonstrate evidence of any substantial changes in circumstances:


Loss of Employment

If you can no longer make child support payments because you were fired, you may be able to request a modification to lower your child support obligation. However, to be able to modify child support due to your firing, you will have to prove that the loss of employment was beyond your control.

In other words, you must prove that the loss of employment was involuntary and that the reduction in income was in good faith. Also, the supporting parent may be required to show proof that they have made reasonable efforts to find a new job.


Involuntary Decrease in Income

You may be able to request a modification of an existing child support order if a substantial decrease in income has occurred.


A 15% Difference for Child Support Orders Over Three Years Old

You could also lower your obligation if your child support order is more than three years and there is at least a 15% difference between the amount of the existing obligation and the amount you would owe if the amount was re-calculated using your current income.


A Significant Decrease in the Needs of the Child

A court may also warrant a child support modification if there has been a significant decrease in the expenses for the child, including but not limited to educational and travel expenses. The party requesting a modification has the burden of proof to establish a significant decrease in the needs of the child.


When You May Not be Able to Reduce Your Child Support Obligation

There are also situations when you may not be able to reduce your child support payments in North Carolina. Your request to modify child support is likely to be dismissed in any of the following situations:

  • A voluntary decrease in the income of the supporting parent;
  • A voluntary loss of employment by the supporting parent; or
  • The supporting parent has to spend more money on children other than the child who benefits from the existing child support order.

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