North Carolina’s ‘Self-Help Packet’ for Divorced Without an Attorney: Does it Really Work?

Board Certified Family Law Specialist Matt Arnold answers the question: “Do I need an attorney to get a Divorce in North Carolina?”


If you cannot afford a Charlotte divorce attorney, North Carolina’s court system has another option that does not require you to pay for legal representation. The North Carolina Judicial Branch has introduced the first-ever statewide “self-help packet” for those who cannot afford a lawyer or do not want to deal with attorneys. The packet provides an easier method for getting divorced by offering general guidance, according to The News-Herald.

The packet can be used by an unrepresented party as long as their divorce does not involve claims for child custody or equitable distribution. However, legal experts doubt that this method can be as effective as hiring a lawyer who knows state laws and can help achieve the most favorable outcome.

fire-exit-sign-Charlotte-Monroe-Lake-Norman-Divorce-300x148Fact: According to North Carolina Courts, more than 36,000 divorces were filed across the state in the fiscal year 2018-2019.


How Does the ‘Self-Help Packet’ Work in North Carolina?

The “self-help” packet was developed by the North Carolina Equal Access to Justice Commission and is accessible for North Carolina residents online. The divorce packet includes all necessary legal information, step-by-step instructions, and forms for getting an absolute divorce.

Although you can access the packet online, the paperwork must be filed in hard copy to the office of the clerk in the county where you intend to file for divorce.

Even the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, which announced the packet, admitted that retaining a divorce attorney is still the most optimal way to “accomplish the goal of dissolving a marriage.”

The divorce packet aims to help those who cannot afford to hire a lawyer to dissolve their marriage. The packet allows you to assess whether your circumstances are appropriate for a simple divorce or whether there are any complicating factors that require a legal consultation prior to filing.


Does This Mean You can Now Get Divorced for Free?

If the “self-help packet” cannot replace a divorce lawyer, what does it intend to do? Basically, the packet serves to supplement the practices that clerks of superior court have in place to assist persons wanting to get divorced in Charlotte or elsewhere in North Carolina.

Some clerks across the state may choose to make copies of the self-help packet for public distribution, though they may charge for the cost of copies. Although the packet itself can be accessed for free, the fee for filing an absolute divorce remains $225 and does not go anywhere regardless of whether you use the packet or not.

The main idea behind North Carolina’s divorce packet is to provide greater access to the court system through a simplified process. While the packet does provide helpful information for getting divorced, judicial employees are not permitted to offer legal advice or help fill out any forms for the public.


If any questions arise, you can get legal advice by consulting a Charlotte family law attorney licensed to practice law in the state.

While the packet can be a valuable tool when preparing to file for divorce, it cannot substitute an attorney who investigates your unique circumstances and helps achieve the most optimal outcome by resolving any disputes between the parties and finding a middle ground.

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