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Board Certified Family Law Specialist Matt Arnold answers the question: ” I’m not getting along with my husband. We’ve been married two weeks and it was a mistake. Can’t I just get an annulment?”

The process of getting a divorce in North Carolina can be confusing. Not only are the rules complicated, but you are also likely wrestling internally with some heavy emotions and transitioning to a new chapter of your life. No two divorces are identical, but if you are considering separating from you spouse, there are some important things you must consider first.

Board Certified Family Law Specialist Matt Arnold answers the question: “What are my custody rights if the other parent moves?”

Going through a divorce can be difficult. Not only are you separating from the person with whom you once thought you would spend your life, but you are faced with the difficult task of dividing up all of your worldly possessions. As hard as divorce is on the couple, it is much worse when children are part of the question. Some couples will try to solve custody disputes outside of the courtroom in an effort to make this process as easy as possible for their children. However, the world is not perfect and not every set of parents can come to an amicable agreement, or even just an agreement, outside of the courtroom. There is a formal process, rules, and regulations that govern child custody disputes. Outside of these legal rules, however, it is important to keep a few other things in mind for child custody.

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