Are Separation Agreements Mandatory in North Carolina?

Board Certified Family Law Specialist Matt Arnold answers the question: ” Is there some property that the judge cannot divide?”


If you are considering a legal separation in Charlotte or other parts of North Carolina, you probably have many questions on your mind. The most reasonable questions to ask are, “Do I need a separation agreement?” and “Do I need a Charlotte divorce attorney to draft the agreement, or are there other ways to negotiate and prepare this document?


signing-the-contract-Charlotte-Monroe-Mooresville-Divorce-Attorney-300x215Are Separation Agreements Required by North Carolina Law?

In the state of North Carolina, you do not have to enter into a separation agreement to be legally separated from your spouse. Even though separation agreements are not mandatory in North Carolina, do keep in mind that you will be married to your spouse for approximately a year until your divorce is finalized.

That is why it is recommended to draft a separation agreement to settle various aspects of your divorce privately and outside of the court system. Such aspects include child support, debts, real estate, division of property and assets, spousal support claims, and others.

Any verbal agreements that you and your spouse make are not enforceable under the laws of North Carolina. Separation agreements, on the other hand, that are in writing and were prepared by a skilled attorney are legally binding contracts.


What are Separation Agreements for?

Separation agreements are signed between two separated spouses. This is a contract in which they address such issues as the payment of financial support, the division of property, the custody schedule, and visitation for their children, among others.

More often than not, spouses draft a separation agreement at the same time they separate or shortly before their separation. In some cases, however, spouses decide to sign a separation agreement weeks or months after calling it quits.

In fact, divorcing spouses in North Carolina do not need a separation agreement to get a divorce. The agreement is not evidence that must be used in the divorce proceedings unless both parties agree to incorporate it into the final judgment.

To ensure the validity of your separation agreement, it is best to have a Charlotte divorce attorney draft and prepare the legally binding contract for you and your spouse. The agreement must be signed by both spouses in front of a notary.


Can You Divide Property Through a Separation Agreement?

Yes, you can. However, you need to understand that your separation agreement will be technically considered a “property settlement” if you choose to divide property in a legal document.

Types of property that you can divide in your separation agreement include your marital residence, automobiles, businesses, jewelry, bank accounts, financial assets, life insurance, and even furniture, among other things.


Can You Force Your Spouse to Sign a Separation Agreement?

Absolutely not. Separation agreements signed because either spouse was coerced, forced, or tricked into doing so will not be considered valid. The court will invalidate any agreement signed by a spouse who did not put their signature voluntarily and of her or his own free will.


What are the Penalties for Breaching a Separation Agreement?

Since a separation agreement is not a court order, you cannot hold your spouse in contempt of court for breaching the terms of your agreement. Instead, you would need to sue your soon-to-be former spouse for breach of contract, though the compensation would be limited to money damages and specific performance.

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