How to Minimize the Cost of Your Divorce in North Carolina

Board Certified Family Law Specialist Matt Arnold answers the question: “How much does it cost to get divorced, and how does the billing process work?”


If you are going through a divorce in North Carolina, you are probably wondering how much the process will cost. According to a 2020 study by 24/7 Wall St., the average cost of divorce with children in North Carolina was $19,700 (or $13,100 for childless divorces).

But are there ways to reduce the cost of divorce in North Carolina? Can you save on legal fees during a divorce?


budget-cuts-Charlotte-Monroe-Lake-Norman-Divorce-Lawyer-200x300Five Tips to Reduce the Cost of Your North Carolina Divorce


Luckily, you have a lot of control over how much your divorce will cost. There are things you can do to reduce your legal fees and avoid spending more money on your divorce case than necessary.


Do Not Keep Secrets From Your Divorce Attorney

Being honest with your Charlotte divorce attorney is the first step you should take to minimize the cost of your divorce. Your lawyer will find out the truth sooner or later. It is best to tell your attorney all the details – no matter how unpleasant or unfavorable they may seem – to make sure that your attorney is prepared for everything.

The hours spent uncovering the facts will not only delay your case but will also increase the cost of your divorce.


Be Willing to Compromise

If you want to save on legal fees, it is important to be willing to compromise with your spouse. If you are one of many ex-spouses who are not on speaking terms, the inability to find a middle ground increases the cost of divorce for two reasons:

  • The parties’ unwillingness to compromise delays the process; and
  • There is a higher likelihood of your divorce case going to trial, which is always costly.


Do Not Disobey Court Orders

If you were ordered to comply with a court order regarding alimony, child support, or visitation, your failure to obey the order could worsen your financial burden. Not only will the court enforce the order, but you may also be ordered to pay legal fees and penalties for your failure to comply.


Prioritize What Matters to You

The cost of divorce increases every time you and your spouse disagree on something. Thus, it may not be wise to fight over things that do not matter that much to you. Avoid engaging in legal battles over assets that are of little or no value. Instead, your priority may be to obtain a favorable child custody order or to get high-value assets.


Be Organized

In any divorce case, the parties are required to collect lots of documents and gather loads of information. For this reason, it is vital to stay organized and arrange all of the relevant documents in proper order.

Before arranging a call with your divorce attorney, you should write down all the questions you need to ask in order to minimize attorney fees. Being organized when speaking with your attorney and handling your case will not only speed up your case but will also help reduce the cost of your divorce.

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